Can the doll claw machine project be profitable?

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Can the doll claw machine project be profitable?

Now in the mall, you can see dolls claw machines when you pass by. Many times, both children and adults will have the impulse to try it. Many tourists will try it if they invest less and get entertainment.

So is the doll machine still profitable?

In shopping malls and other places, dolls claw crane machine are a very attractive game machine. With the development of the times, the cute and trendy claw crane machine are no longer simple dolls grabber machine. There are various kinds of goods and more ways to play. However, plush dolls are still the main force of the trend. So how about the profit of dolls machine?

The price of a doll claw machine is about $300-500, and the cost of a doll is about $2 (doll purchase is the core, and it needs better quality to attract people). Venue cost: Venue cost refers to the cost of equipment placement. No matter where and how many equipment you place, priority is given to renting the venue.

The price of a doll claw machine is about 300-500 dollars, and only five dolls machine are enough. The investment of 10 dolls can be as high as $7000-13000, and as low as $3000-5000. The cost of dolls, rent and electricity is very low. If $200 is recorded for one machine every day, the cost can be recovered in more than one month.

It can be seen from this that the profit of dolls claw crane machine is very high. First, the cost of dolls as consumables is actually small. Second, the investment amount of claw machine is small.


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