Hottest Claw Machine 

Opportunity in America Today


Investing in claw machines is an excellent way to entertain your customers, increase revenue, and differentiate your venue from competitors.

How do we work

- Our designation process -

Opening a new store

You are opening a doll store on a certain day
with a certain style.

Whole store designation

We communicate with you about your
requirement and do a 2D or 3D effect drawing
of machine for the whole store for you and
confirm the details.

Machine customization

We design the machine according to your
requirement including the size , material ,
logo , poster picture and so on.

Gifts purchasing for you

We provide gifts purchasing on your behalf
for the machine customized.

Gift cabinet customization

We design the gift cabinet of the style
you need and produce it for you to
meet your requirement.

Whole store delivery

When all the product finished, the whole
store goods will be delivered to you.

Our whole case

We Provide whole shop design for customers all over the world

claw machine case 1

Management system

We can provide a cloud management system, you can view the entire
store's revenue, inventory and membership recharege through the cloud

Customization Payment Function

We can provide you with the following four payment methods, so that your
customers can better experience the claw machine

We offer those customizations?

Logo Customization

Marwey can design exclusive logos /
patternssticker and unique personalized
logo for customers to make
your machine more advanced

Custom Appearance

Support appearance customization freely,
whether it's film and television cartoon
characters , or festive elements , create a
more distinctive appearance to make
your machine more attractive.

Function Customization

Mechanical claws of different size and
configuration are provided, which are
suitable or grabbing different gifts . which
can unlock the machine with more functions
and meet the different needs of customers.


Whether you have a problem with our products, services or other things,
you can ask us, our team is waiting for you!