How to profit from claw crane machine?

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How to profit from claw crane machine?

1.Venue: The key indicator is the flow of people. At the same time, the quality of the crowd, the location of the venue, the price, and the surrounding environment of the location should be investigated. The audience of the plush dolls claw machine is mostly young people, of which female consumers account for more than half. Therefore, the placement of the dolls claw machine can be determined according to this factor, such as shopping malls, pedestrian streets, supermarkets, cinemas, etc.

2.Purchase equipment: including dolls claw machine, coin changer machine, dolls, etc. You can directly find the manufacturer for wholesale.

3.Equipment mobilization: After all are in place, the equipment can be mobilized for operation. Specifically, the placement of the claw machine, the placement and update frequency of the doll’s shape, the relevant sticker posters, the setting of the machine’s grip, and the interaction with the user will all affect the revenue data.


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