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  • Product Name: Boxing arcade machine
  • Model Number: MW-STAM001
  • Type: Sport game machine
  • Product Size: 70*117*220cm
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Operating Power: 350W
  • Voltage: 110/220V
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Net Weight: 150Kgs
  • Packaging Size: 75*135*230cm
  • Suitable for: Shopping mall, game center, indoor playground, amusement park,pubs.
  • Operation: Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device
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Boxing game machine



Fire Boxer Boxing Machine – The attractive new Fire Boxer boxing machine from Kalkomat offers players 4 different boxing games: Power, Speed and Reflex
modes, as well as Tournament Mode (with up to 6
players), all with a great variety of sound effects !
Fire Boxer comes with modern electronics that are built

o last, and produces amazing profits in a variety of locations, from bars to pubs and other public areas ! Scores are displayed on the large LED Display Panel,
and comes with different voice messages and music.
Multi-Language Capable ! Comes in English, Spanish, French, German and Russian language options, and the ability to add 1 or 2 Optional Bill Acceptors (DBA) and/or Optional Second Coin Mechanism for redundancy !

With the Optional Prize Capsule (Wheel Of Boxing)

Kit,  you can offer any prize you like (toys, coupons, free drinks, etc) using 2″ Capsules dispensed by the machine.
With the Optional Prize Receipt Printer, you can offer

any prize you like (t-shirts, toys, free drinks, mugs, etc)
on the receipts using the special printer software included
With the Optional Ticket Dispenser, this boxer turns into a ticket redemption game with programmable pay outs.


 Product Name

 Boxing game machine

 Model Number  MW-STAM001
 Type  Sport game machine  Material  Metal & Plastic
 Product Size  70*117*220cm  Power  350W
 Voltage  110/220V  Color   As Picture
 Player Quantity  1 Player  Warranty  1Year
 Packaging Size  75*135*230cm  Net Weight  150Kgs
 Suitable for  Shopping mall, game center, indoor playground, amusement park,pubs.

 Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device

1:Ticket redemption
2:Easy to understand game play
3:Intuitive, challenging

How to play :
1:Insert coins and press start button.
2:Wear boxing gloves and then punch the boxing target.
3:The screen will display the score of each punch.
4:Each game have 3 rounds. The total scores of 3 punches will also be shown on the screen.

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