Claw Crane Vending Machines For Sale Bill Acceptor Toy Crane Claw Machine

  • Product Name:Toy Claw Crane Machine
  • Brand Name:Marwey
  • Model Number:MW-TCCM005
  • Type:Gift game machine
  • Material:Metals+Plastic
  • Product Size:900*880*2300MM
  • Color:As Picture
  • Operating Power:100W
  • Voltage:110/220V
  • Player Quantity:1player
  • Suitable for:Home/Store/Restaurant/Café/Game center
  • Operation:Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device

Gift Prize Stuffed Toys Crane Arcade Machine Plush Dolls Claw Game Machine

Our arcade Claw Crane Vending Machines is a popular attraction in game centers and amusement parks! Our advanced technology and high-quality Toy Crane Claw Machine will attract customers of all ages. The arcade machine’s eye-catching design and fun gameplay will keep your customers coming back for more. Whether you’re looking to boost your profits or simply entertain your customers, our Claw Crane Vending Machines is the perfect addition to your game center.


Benefits of Playground Game Center Coin Operated Crane Claw Machine

  • Entertaining: The Playground Game Center Coin Operated Crane Claw Machine provides hours of entertainment for both children and adults, making it a great addition to any game center.
  • Revenue Generation: The machine is coin-operated, which means it can generate revenue for the game center while providing entertainment to its patrons.
  • Small Footprint: The compact size of the machine allows it to be placed in tight spaces, making it a suitable option for smaller game centers.
  • Durable Construction: The machine is made with durable materials, ensuring that it can withstand frequent use and last for years to come.
  • Attractive Design: The bright colors and eye-catching design of the machine make it visually appealing and draw in customers.
  • Versatility: The machine can be used to dispense a variety of prizes, including plush toys, candy, and other small items.
  • Easy to Operate: The crane claw machine is simple to operate, making it accessible to both children and adults.
  • Interactive: The machine provides an interactive experience, allowing players to use their skill and strategy to win prizes.
  • Overall, the Playground Game Center Coin Operated Crane Claw Machine is a fun and practical addition to any game center, providing entertainment and generating revenue for years to come.

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 Product Name  Doll Claw Crane Machine  Model Number  MW-TCCM005
 Type  Gift game machine  Material  Wooden & Plastic
 Product Size  900*800*2300MM  Operating Power  100W
 Voltage  110/220V  Color   As Picture
 Packaging Size  1000*900*2400MM  Packaging Weight  100Kgs
 Suitable for  Home/ Store/ Restaurant/ Café/ Game center/ Shop/ Market
 Operation  Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device
 How to play  1. Put in the coins;

 2. Control the claw above the gift position;

 3. Press the button to catch the gift. If the gift is caught, take out the gift from the

     gift mouth.

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