Key Master Vending Game Machine Mini Golden Keymaster Amusement Arcade Machine

  • Product Name: Key Master
  • Model Number: MW-GM013
  • Type: Gift game machine
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Product Size: 860*750*1830MM
  • Power: 160W
  • Voltage: 110/220V
  • Color: As Picture
  • Packaging Size: 960*850*2100MM
  • Packaging Unit Weight: 180Kgs
  • Suitable for: Home/ Store/ Restaurant/ Café/ Game center/ Shop/ Market
  • Payment System: Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device

Popular 9 Holes Key Master Coin Operated Golden Key Redemption Prize Vending Machine Amusement Keymaster Arcade Game Machine

The 9 holes key master game machine is a classic and popular gift game machine. It features a sleek and modern design with nine keyholes arranged in a grid pattern, each one containing a prize of varying value.

Players use a joystick to maneuver the key over the hole of their choice, then press a button to lower it down and attempt to unlock the prize. It requires precision and skill to win, making it a thrilling challenge for players of all ages.

The key master game machine is perfect for arcade owners looking to attract a diverse customer base, as it appeals to both casual gamers and serious prize hunters. The machine also features customizable prize slots, allowing owners to tailor the game to their specific audience and location.

With its eye-catching design and addictive gameplay, the 9 holes key master game machine is sure to keep players coming back for more. And with its sturdy construction and reliable mechanics, it is built to last and provide long-lasting entertainment for any arcade or amusement park.



This is the original model of the concept that is found in many venues around the world.
The game is easy to learn and fun to play again and again. Once the user inserts their credit into the machine, they can move the Key left to right as long as there is time on the clock. Once you feel that it is lined up properly, press and hold the blue button down for the key to begin moving up. As soon as you let go, the key moves forward.
If you’ve hit the right spot and the key goes through the hole, it will pull the prize you were aiming for out, dropping it to the prize bin below!

keymaster machine key master machine

 Product Name  Key Master  Model Number  MW-GM013
 Type  Gift game machine  Material  Metal and Plastic
 Product Size  860*750*1830MM  Power  160W
 Voltage  110/220V  Color   As Picture
 Packaging Size  960*850*2100MM  Packaging Unit Weight  180Kgs
 Suitable for  Home/ Store/ Restaurant/ Café/ Game center/ Shop/ Market
 Payment System  Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device
 How to play  1. Put in game coins.

 2. control the rocker to move the finger to the corresponding position;

 3. long press the button to control the finger so that it can be aligned with the gift;

 4. When you insert your finger into the gift frame, the gift is yours.

product details key master vending machine product displayapplicable scene


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