Mini Claw Machine Small Arcade Game Lovely Claw Crane Machine With Bill Acceptor

  • Product Name:Mini claw machine
  • Brand Name:Marwey
  • Model Number:MW-TCCM025
  • Type:Gift game machine
  • Material:Metals+Plastic
  • Product Size:300*620*1680MM
  • Color:Blue/Can be custom
  • Operating Power:35W
  • Voltage:110/220V
  • Player Quantity:1player
  • Suitable for:Home/Store/Restaurant/Café/Game center
  • Operation:Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device

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The mini claw machine by Marwey is a perfect addition to any game room or entertainment space. With its compact size, it is easy to place anywhere and yet still has all the features of a full-sized claw machine. The bright and colorful design is eye-catching and sure to attract players of all ages. It has a durable construction and is equipped with a reliable claw mechanism that ensures a fair game every time. The Marwey mini claw machine is also easy to use, with simple controls and clear instructions.


       Mini claw machine advantage

  • Mini claw machines have become increasingly popular in the United States, and there are several advantages to placing them in various locations throughout the country.
  • First mini claw crane machines can be placed in various locations, making them accessible to customers and increasing the likelihood of people playing them.
  • Another advantage of mini claw crane machines is their affordability,these machines are generally less expensive than their full-size counterparts.
  • Mini claw machines also come with the added benefit of being easy to maintain. They require less space and have fewer moving parts than larger machines, making them easier to clean and repair.

mini claw machine mini claw machine

 Product Name  Doll Claw Crane Machine  Model Number  MW-TCCM025
 Type  Gift game machine  Material  Metal & Plastic
 Product Size  300*620*1680MM  Operating Power  35W
 Voltage  110/220V  Color   As Picture
 Packaging Size  830*510*1820MM (2PCS)  Packaging Weight  70Kgs
 Suitable for  Home/ Store/ Restaurant/ Café/ Game center/ Shop/ Market
 Operation  Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device
 How to play  1. Put in the coins;

 2. Control the claw above the gift position;

 3. Press the button to catch the gift. If the gift is caught, take out the gift from the       gift mouth.

mini claw machine mini claw machine mini claw machine mini claw machine mini claw machine mini claw machine


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