Rolling Car Indoor Outdoor Double Players 360 Degree Remote Control Rolling Car Machine

  • Product Name:360 Degree Rolling Car
  • Brand:Marwey
  • Color:As picture
  • Product Size:140CM*175CM*140CM
  • Light and music: LED voice controlled lighting, intelligent voice music
  • Competent population: 1.2M-1.85M and 200KG or less
  • Battery voltage: 48V25AH
  • Normal service time: 5-8H
  • Starting mode: Remote starting
  • Maximum operating speed: 2m/s
  • Net body weight: 215KG

Double Players 360 Degree Remote Control Rolling Car Amusement Park Indoor Outdoor 360 Rotation Happy Rolling Car

 Product Name

 360 Degree Rolling Car

 Model Number  MW-ORM001
 Type  Rolling car machine  Maximum load  200KG
 Size  140CM*175CM*140CM  Power  300W dual motor
 Voltage  220V  Color   As Picture
 Competent population  1.2M-1.85M & 200KG or less  Battery voltage  48V25AH
 Normal service time  5-8H  Maximum operating speed  2m/s
 Player Quantity  1-2 Player  Warranty  1Year
 Packaging Size  180*143*156cm  Net Body Weight  215KG


1. Light music: LED voice control and intelligent voice

2. The power system is a 300W dual motor

3. Charging 4 hours, battery life 12 hours

4. 360 degrees before and after rolling and in-situ rotation, balance inverted

5. Multiple colors available

6. Suitable for large shopping malls, game halls, amusement park, game center,indoor playground

7. We provide prefessional guidance and technical support.


1. Start, fasten the seat belt, operate the rocker, rocker forward, then the machine moves forward, you can operate the joystick 360 degrees clockwise, then the machine is also rotated 360 degrees clockwise

2. It is recommended to play 5 minutes each time.

rolling car 360 happy rolling car 360 degree remote control rolling car outdoor 360 rolling car


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