Spiral Gumball Machine For Sale Surprise Capsule Vending Machine With Stand

  • Product Name: Gumball vending machine
  • Model Number: MW-GM020-MW-GM023
  • Type: Gift game machine
  • Operation: Coin operated
  • Product Size: 500*500*1120mm/500*500*1300mm/500*500*1400mm/500*500*1500mm
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Applicable capsule: 27mm egg outlet,25-26mm gashapon/35mm egg outlet,27-34mm gashapon/50mm egg outlet,35-49mm gashapon/65mm egg outlet,40-65mm gashapon
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • The number of coins to start a game: 1-4pcs(Factory setting)
  • Net weight: 8/9/11kg
  • Suitable for: Home/Store/Kingder Garden/School/Café/Game center/Shop
  • Color: Red、Yellow、Green

Popular Kids Toys Capsule Vending Machine Coin Operated

Gashapon Vending Machine For Sale

spiral gumball machine

 Product Name  Gashapon machine  Model Number  MW-GM020-MW-GM023
 Type  Gift game machine  Operation  Coin operated
 Product Dimension  500*500*1120mm   500*500*1300mm   500*500*1400mm   500*500*1500mm  Material  Metal and Plastic
 Applicable capsule  25-65mm  Warranty  1 year
 Suitable for  Home/Store/School/Café/Game center/Shop


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