Wholesale Gashapon Machine Coin Operated Double-layer Toy Capsule Vending Machine

  • Product Name:Capsule vending machine
  • Model Number:MW-GM007
  • Brand:Marwey
  • Colour:Red,yellow or customized
  • Type:Gift game machine
  • Operation:Coin operated
  • Product Size:420*320*1230MM
  • Material:Metal and Plastic
  • Applicable capsule:45-75mm
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Suitable for:Store/Restaurant/Café/Game center

Hight Quality Electronic Coin Operated Double-layer Kids

Gumball Capsule Gashapon Machine Toy Vending Machine

Gashapon Machine

 Product Name  Capsule vending machine  Model Number  MW-GM007
 Brand  Marwey  Colour  Red,yellow or customized
 Type  Gift game machine  Operation  Coin operated
 Product Dimension  420*320*1230MM  Material  Metal and Plastic
 Applicable capsule  45-75mm  Warranty  1 year
 Suitable for  Store/Restaurant/Café/Game center


1: New material production, anti-freezing, not brittle, bright gloss, toughness, strong, long life

2: Adding anti-ultraviolet toner, you can rest assured in outdoor exposure, not easy to fade and durable

3: Uncharged, mechanical, easy to understand, cost-effective, four wheels, flexible movement, convenient and fast, front wheels with brakes

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